Of Glen Sheallag Retrievers's Adoption Questionnaire


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Thank you for your interest in our dogs for more info please e-mail us, if you are still interested please print and fill out the following questionnaire and mail us a copy with your deposit.

Your full name: *REQUIRED

Your phone number (with country, city, area codes):

Your email address: (e.g.: you@aol.com) *REQUIRED

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City/Town: State/Prov.: Post./Zip Code:

You are : a man a woman

What is your job?

What is the job of your companion ?

How did you hear about us?

What sex are you interested in?

When would you like to add a puppy to your familly?

What is your prefered colour?

For what purpose(s) are you interested in a Golden Retriever?   Family Pet     Agility   Conformation   Field Events   Hunting   Breeding Show

If you choice Breeding, please list them below if you are a breeder and what breed?

Have you do a litter yet or do you think it ?

If you choice Show:
Did you already make show ? Yes No

If No, What breed and what is the name of your dog? :


How many show do you do in the month ? 1 2 3 +

This is show in your country or in other country ? Country Other country

On whitch level did you got (TB-Exc-CACS-CACIB-BOB)?

Do you have the chance to have got a dog champion and what title (IB-French- Field Trials-Spain,..)?

Have you spoken with any other Golden Retriever breeders? Yes No

If Yes, please list them below:

Are you currently on the waiting list for any other litters? Yes No

Do you have children under the age of 10? Yes No

Please list the ages of your children.

Are your children okay around dogs and other animals? Yes No

Do you live in:

Do you rent or own your residence? Rent Own

Do you have a fenced yard? Yes No

If not, how will you provide security for your puppy when its outside or when you're away?:

Is there someone home during the day, or able to get home to "potty" a puppy? Yes No

If no, how long would this puppy be left alone?

Where will this puppy spend the day?

Will this puppy have regular contact with its family during the day? Yes No

Where will this puppy spend the evening?

Will this puppy have regular contact with its family during the evening? Yes No

Where will this puppy sleep?

Have you ever owned a Golden before? Yes No

If you haven't owned a Golden before, what other breed of dog have you owned? (If you haven't owned a dog before, please state.)

Do you still own the dog(s) mentioned above? Yes No

If not, what happened to the dog(s)?

If any of the dogs owned are deceased, what were the circumstances?

Who will have primary responsibility for the care of this puppy?

Do all family members agree on the addition of a Golden to the family? Yes No

If not, who is not in favour of getting a Golden and why?

What type of personality are you looking for in your dog?

******This questionnaire isn't a policy investigation, symply the means to learn how to know you.********




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