Ch. Gr - IB

Woodmore Islone Alone

HD B - Eyes OK


During his stay with Alexia Kammenou, Dunston was shown and worked with great success.
He gained his International and Greek Titles.
The sweet clown was spoiled and very much loved.

Dunston s'est classé en épreuve de travail.




Sh. Ch. Remington Ramsey

Sh. Ch. Stirchley Saxon

Ch. Nortonwood Faunus

Sansue Wanda of Stirchley

Sh. Ch. Styal Snow Flake of Remington

Ch. Sansue Golden Ruler

Styal Scottila

Garbank Yeracracka

Irish Ch. and Ch. Garbank Special Edition of Lislone

Ch. Camrose Fabius Tarquin

Sh. Ch. Garbank Charming Cindy

Garbank Electra

Xanthos O' Grady of Garbank

Garbank Golden Classic


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